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Adam Gilbert "On Softer Ground" (Adam Gilbert, dir.)

Self directed, Adam Gilbert's "On Softer Ground" premiered at the Manhattan Film Festival and is one of the feastured tracks on his new album which will be released in the fall of 2017. It is extremely rare to have the writer and singer also be a directed of Music Video. The beautifully haunting melody sets the scene and storyline perfectly for this well crafted and stunning music video.


Da'Rell Miller "Billboard" (Olu Samuel Emedobi, dir.)

Da’Rell Miller is debuting his blazing new release, “Billboard” to the music industry. This raw single features three artists who sprinkle their unparalleled flavors on the track: Walker Down, Dre D and Darnel Overstreet. Da’Rell is the founder and CEO of Royalti Virtue. He brings to the table much perseverance and devoted artistry. He gives us a taste of his musical creativity in “Billboard.” The song boasts of the desire to make it to the top, and overcome struggles.

Peter Frank Santovito "Empty Man" (Neiver Alvarez Films- Miami, dir.)

"Empty Man" By Peter Frank Santovito, Award Winning Songwriter. Musician, Performer, Recording Artist and Producer. 

"Empty Man" (Lyrics & Music By Rudy Perez & Chris Price).

Peter is a member of NARAS (The Grammy's) and BMI.

Video Content: Peter performs on all of the Instruments. Neiver Alvarez captures the full shot with Peter on Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, and Vocals.


HÄANA "Teardrop" (Christopher Pitcher, dir.)

Producer/vocalist/violinist HÄANA recreates the classic Teardrop by Massive Attack, and puts her Nordic cinematic stamp on it. The music video (by The Sights and Sounds Media House) was shot along the Pacific Coast, and tells an abstract story woven together of labyrinths, salty ocean waves, beautiful cliffs, and features Bulgarian cellist Irina Chirkova. This is Teardrop reinvented at an even more downtempo pace, pulling on heart strings.

Hercules & Love Affair "Omnion" (Crowns & Owls, dir.)

An uphill journey with staircase after staircase, but eventually leading out of the murky waters and into transcendence aboveground.

Crowns & Owls, director: "The Omnion video is an exploration of the nuances of gender and sexuality. A story of rebirth, the video follows a lone figure in red on an ascending pilgrimage up a seemingly infinite stair. Perspective play, scale and negative space is used to reflect the complexity of identity. Under dappled light our character is guided by descending children; serenely vacant and dripping with water. The stairs open to small rooms, each one a dreamlike homage to the childhood experiences of Andy Butler.  The closing sequence shows the woman arriving at the summit of the stairs, where a surreal pool cleanses her of the anxieties of adulthood, rebirthing her as a little boy, blessing her with blissful juvenile nativity.

The video was created with a strong emphasis on practical effects - using miniatures, large scale sets and precise lighting."