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WATCH IT: Ciara f/ Justin Timberlake "Love Sex Magic"

Ciara Justin Timberlake may have a prominent guest-starring role in this video for "Magic," but the sexyback unequivocally belongs to Ciara here. The r&b songstress finds her inner Sasha Fierce, writhing and bumping as Timberlake's private dancer. Lest you think she's just bumping and cavorting for his benefit, fear not: She also displays her flexibility in a series of set-ups, including an especially notable one with multi-colored duplicates of herself. In a word: Hot. --> watch "Love Sex Magic"

Ciara "Love Sex Magic" (Jive/ZLG)
Diane Martel, director | Jil Hardin, producer | HSI, production co | Inga @ Sugar Management, rep | Paula Goode, production designer | Malik Sayeed, DP | Holle Singer @ Consulate, editor | Max Nichols, commissioner

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