@questlove Balance in the universe people....extremely certain that someone is not to happy w me right now (I still love you @MarthaStewart?) 19 hours 13 min ago
@questlove I'm a fan of Jordans #ANACONDA 1 day 3 hours ago
@JosephKahn David Lynch lives 2 blocks away from me. I'm gonna knock on his door & demand he make another movie. 1 day 1 hour ago
@Videostatic @ghibli303 @alterianinc @thebasementjaxx @felixjaxxx @stink I don't think I can get away with wearing this. Yet. 1 day 21 hours ago
@Liberarobi WATCH IT: Holly Miranda "Desert Call" (Sylvia Sether, dir.) http://t.co/aVTBw7dNiU via @VideoStatic 2 hours 38 min ago
@questlove The "@toddbarry's day"arc on @louisck's show @LouieFX is magic. 1 day 19 hours ago
@katyperry Got some ting fresh cooking for ya 2morrow... 1 day 17 hours ago
@markromanek @32Twenty Not sure what you mean. He never made that suggestion. Plus, Fincher's always wrong about everything. 20 hours 29 min ago
@A_Listermann RT @LarenzTate: Special announcement! Spontaneous moment w @tomellis17 on set of #RushUSA tune in right now! USA network http://t.co/4SfMLN17 hours 57 min ago
@A_Listermann RT @chrisbrown: Be great Team Breezy! 15 hours 21 min ago
@A_Listermann WATCH IT: Cal Scrubs "Gold Coins" (Daniel Czernilofsky, dir.) http://t.co/52RS7vpzgN via @VideoStatic 1 day 23 hours ago

Maroon 5 "Love Somebody" (Rich Lee, Dir.)

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