@dougstern .@NateSilver538 Huckabee only 74/100 on the GOP primary voter Conservometer? Are they holding out for Howard Roark? http://t.co/vGKZ5xCKiF 8 hours 9 min ago
@jus10p @DeniseVlogs "balcony seats? Of course I'll take them. I love sitting up there." - Abraham Lincoln 9 hours 7 min ago
@dougstern @EttaDevine some of us just respond to seeing our true selves reflected on TV. 20 hours 26 min ago
@JosephKahn I have lots of new thoughts on Spielberg. I'll be writing it in an article called fuck you do your own research you lazy fuck. 1 day 2 hours ago
@iamdiddy RT @JanelleMonae: Was so honored to share the stage w/ @iamdiddy and @Badboy Family! He has opened up so many doors 4 artists including mys… 7 hours 47 min ago
@questlove "....Mama.....I just kilt a jaaaaaaaam" http://t.co/G2RJ8UQgfL (respect to @nicolaymusic) 1 day 1 hour ago
@dougstern I could def watch a full episode of 'Space Court' with @larrywilmore. 20 hours 29 min ago
@JosephKahn Movies are like TV now, but TV is like TV too. Better lit, better vfx, better acting, but cinematically, still TV. 1 day 16 hours ago
@sbusiso385 @jasonderulo @Videostatic The video is the best man, dope video u deserve it 4 hours 14 min ago
@JosephKahn I do not understand how Trump's platform of I'm a rich white guy and you're a raping Mexican murderer is supposed to get him elected. 1 day 5 hours ago
@iamdiddy RT @BadBoyRecords: ICYMI: @iamdiddy's new joint #FinnaGetLoose ft. @Pharrell is available NOW on @iTunes | http://t.co/4bwEBzPg7V http://t.… 4 hours 7 min ago
@Videostatic AWOLNATION "I Am" (Hayley Young, dir.) http://t.co/NfFzbUFv7l 7 hours 52 min ago
@jus10p @spencenicholson haha. You've obviously never been 3 hours 19 sec ago

SHOT: Miike Snow - Vincent Haycock, director

  • artist: Miike Snow
  • song: "Black & Blue"
  • label: Sony UK (Downtown in US)
  • director(s): Vincent Haycock
  • production co: Streetgang Films
  • rep: Free Agent UK/Labuda Management

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