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WATCH IT: Kelly Rowland "Forever & A Day" (Sarah Chatfield, dir.)

A casual and sunny pop video gets a bit of a twist, or a flick, via an interface that's swiped from your iPhone. Logos get tapped to trigger various edits; pinching makes things zoom in and out, etc, etc. Possibly not the kind of finger manipulation some Kelly Rowland fans have been dreaming about, but even they should admit it's a clever conceit. --> watch "Forever And A Day"

Kelly Rowland "Forever And A Day" (Motown Universal)
Sarah Chatfield, director | Brian Welsh, producer | Rockhard Films, production co | Robin Frank Management, rep | Adam Frisch, dp | Dan Marks, editor | Bentlight, vfx | Bob Curreri, colorist | Nicole Acacio, executive producer | Gina Harrell, commissioner

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