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Director Kevin Slack on Gaslight Anthem "Here Comes My Man"

Kevin Slack, director: "The last music video I did for The Gaslight Anthem was 'Handwritten' which was essentially a love letter to music and vinyl records.  I wanted to continue that theme and this time around we wrote a love letter to film and the power it can have over people.  I loved the idea that someone could get sucked into a movie, literally, and that movie could give them the confidence to leave a crappy relationship. 

I took the opportunity to really play around with the idea of being inside a movie.  My favorite scene to shoot was them driving in the 1960's mustang convertible.  I really didn't want to use green screen because I wanted to have that very fake looking background like in really old movies.  So we decided to shoot the scene using rear projection.  If we had more time — we ended up only having about a 1/2 hour to shoot this scene — I probably could've shot enough for an entire music video.  It was so much fun to shoot. It also didn't hurt that we had the wonderful Elisha Cuthbert as our lead actor."

--> watch "Here Comes My Man"

The Gaslight Anthem
"Here Comes My Man" (Island Def Jam)

Kevin Slack, director | Tim Cruz, producer | Guerilla Hollywood, production co |John Paul Clark, DP (performance)Greg Ephraim DP (narrative) | Sam Winkler, vfx | Stephanie Wagner, production designer | Jesse Averna, editor |  Mildred Delamota, commissioner 

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