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R.I.P. Harris Savides, DP

"Music videos are so stylistic. It’s about the beauty of the image- it’s like a commercial. Features are the opposite of that. If you do that in a feature, you’re actually downplaying what’s important- the story- and taking away from it." — Harris Savides, DP

Word is spreading that the great cinematopgrapher Harris Savides passed away yesterday...

Savides was the DP on some classic music videos, including several by frequent collaborator Mark Romanek:

  • R.E.M. "Everybody Hurts" (Jake Scott, dir.)
  • Nine Inch Nails "Closer" (Mark Romanek, dir.)
  • Fiona Apple "Criminal" (Mark Romanek, dir.)
  • Madonna "Rain" (Mark Romanek, dir.)

His feature film credits are extensive, including Milk, American Gangster and Zodiac.


laure's picture
this is beautiful Steve! thank you so much for sharing this. Harris was such an amazing man and this captures the total essence of him. We shot so many music videos with him in the early days with Michael Haussman's video for Madonna, they won best female artist, and Director David Cameron shot so many videos as well with Harris. He was a joy to be around and will so be missed, my sympathy to his family.
Steven Gottlieb's picture
H/T to Devin Sarno for posting that video on his timeline. Its perfect.
Sally's picture
A world without Harris Savides will never be as beautiful.
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