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WATCH IT: Rudimental f. Alex Clare "Not Giving In" (Josh Cole, dir.)

Although Breakin' meets Slumdog Millionaire sounds like a crazy film pitch, it works just fine in this cinmeatic video tale about real-life dancer B-Boy Mouse who escaped a rough life Manila to become a UK breakdance champion. Director Josh Cole structures things well, first showing the harsh reality of Mouse's childhood home, before zooming out with swirling Octocopter camera moves that make the byzantine mess of crime and chaos of Manila readily apparent. --> watch "Not Giving In"

Rudimental f/ John Newman + Alex Clare
"Not Giving In" 

Josh Cole, director | Tim Francis, producer | OB Management, production co | Luke Jacobs, DP | David Stevens, editor | Ereson Catipon AKA B-Boy Mouse, art director/Manila producer | Arthur Añas, choreographer | Otis Bell, exec. producer | Dan Curwin, commissioner 

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