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@Joshua_Mikel WATCH IT: Tiny Empires "Just Imagine" (Joshua Mikel, dir.) http://t.co/QyrAJ9uqsp via @VideoStatic 18 hours 56 min ago
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WATCH IT: Zee Avi "Concrete Wall" (Jason Baum, dir.)

Zee Avi peforming "Concrete Wall" in front of a "Concrete Wall" seems straightforward,  but then you find out it's not really concrete. It's wallpaper. And, hey, why are there suddenly multiples of the singer all over this ingenously fabricated set? --> watch "Concrete Wall

Zee Avi "Concrete Wall" (Brushfire)
Jason Baum, director | Leah Dempsey, Rose Krane, producer | Ryan Carmody, DP | Arianna Tomasettig, editor | Ethan Feldbau, production designer 

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