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Phaeleh "Whistling in the Dark" (Raquél Aly, dir.)

A beautiful b&w study of motion that's as beguiling as a Rorshach Test. 

Raquel Aly, director: "The first time I heard Phaeleh’s 'Whistling in the Dark' I was immediately moved by the track's capacity to instill a dark and sinister playfulness as well as a beautiful sense of longing which lapses into despair. And yet there is an elusive promise there. Something that teases and invites. I immediately recalled Norman McLaren’s 1960’s experimental masterpiece titled ‘Pas De Deux.’ His was the technique I wanted to explore, while creating a video as surreal and ghostly as the music. Giving some of the footage the kaleidoscope treatment, created a warped though balanced symmetry. Though I prefer the Directors-cut, I admit that blurring the dancer in the original release version, breathed a foetal mystery into her dance. And of course the black moor gold fish. There is something fantastic and primordial about this elegant creature. I couldn’t get enough of him"


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