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Director Carlos Lopez Estrada Wins Latin Grammy for Jesse & Joy Video

Doomsday EntCONGRATS to director Carlos Lopez Estrada and Jesse & Joy on winning a Best Short Form Video award at last night's, Latin Grammys.

Here's our original write-up of the charming "Me Voy" clip from October 2011...

Cut-out pieces of paper get layered into an immersive 3-D stop-motion video that's got an old-timey, yet fantastical vibe. Also, be sure to check out the making-of, which breaks down everything you've ever wanted to know about how to make a video like this. (PS: Yes, the song is in Spanish.) --> watch "Me Voy" and a making-of

Jess & Joy "Me Voy" 
Carlos Lopez Estrada, director | Christian Heuer, producer | London Alley, production co | Moonie, Niko Wesinet, DP | Cameron Clark, animation director | Charles Pieper, lead animator | Tyler Jensen, production designer | Luga Podesta, exec. producer

NOTE: Calos Lopes Estrada is now signed with Doomsday for music video production

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