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@JosephKahn Asians can't be racist. White or black, we don't care, all dogs taste the same to us. 1 day 11 hours ago
@jus10p Does anyone know where Beyoncé is repped as an editor? 6 hours 15 min ago
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@JosephKahn I honestly thought Power/Rangers was going to be the most controversial thing I put out this year lol. 1 day 8 hours ago

WATCH IT: Nicki Minaj "Beez In The Trap" (Benny Boom, dir.)

"Beez In The Trap" isn't exactly a feminist remake of "Fur In My Cap," nor is the video a revamp of the old strip club rap video model. Instead it is what it is: A deadpan Nicki Minaj flaunts her body amongst by similarly buttocked/bosomed women while director Benny Boom lets it all ride in a staccato and slo-mo style that has a hypnotic. --> watch "Beez In The Trap"

Nicki Minaj ft/ 2 Chainz "Beez In The Trap"
(Cash Money/Universal Republic)

London AlleyBenny Boom, director | Roger Ubina, Luga Podesta, producer | London Alley, production co | Zeus Morand, DP | Alex Delgado, Production Designer | Iren Sheffield, Hannah Lux Davis, editors | Dave Hussey, colorist 

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