Robin Schulz "Sun Goes Down" (Lilja, dir.)

Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down feat. Jasmine Thompson (Official Video)

After his world wide success of "Prayer in C'" and "Wave after Wave", German DJ Robin Schulz just released his next big hit. Featuring the talented youtube star Jasmine Thompson from London, "Sun Goes Down" is the perfect late summer soundtrack. Its corresponding music video celebrates the precious and magical moment of Sunset. 

Director Lilja and her small crew toured all over Europe to capture the beautiful last hours of the day when the sun goes down and shows how differently they can be spent. While some people enjoy the last rays of light as a moment of peace and rest, others might go out to celebrate with friends and some dancing. Once more, Lilja gives proof of her sens of occasions.

The video was filmed in Turku (Finland), Warsaw (Poland), Matera (Italy) and London (UK) and features appearances of the artists themselves as well as the Polish Bike Polo Nation Championship, Finish Actress Milla Puolakanaho and Matera born Terra Cotta Artist Dino Dadieggo.



Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Christopher Sälzer, First Assistant Camera