Tyler Goldchain "All On My Own" (Coral Ortiz, dir.)

Tyler Goldchain - All On My Own (Official Video)

In an evocative throwback to the era when music videos were not just promotional tools but artful narratives, Tyler GoldChain's debut single "All On My Own" is a poignant homage to personal transformation and intimacy. Captured through a lens that feels both intimate and abstract, the video is a soul-stirring tableau of a man having his hair cut by his lover—a significant act, considering the artist's four-year journey of growth before deciding to let go for this momentous occasion. This visual piece, reminiscent of the timeless and often overlooked classics found in 90's RNB music videos, invites the viewer to become a fly on the wall, witnessing a profoundly personal act turned into a universal statement of change and new beginnings. "All On My Own" stands as a testament to the enduring power of visual storytelling in music.

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