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2010 - 2020: A Decade of Music Videos

100 music videos that defined the decade. Spanning from commercial smashes to small art pieces to to pure pop and to insanely confrontational. Looking back, there's some videos that clearly couldn't be made in today's climate — and in retrospect are hard to watch, mainly due to the violence — but there's also plenty that stand the test of time and are compelling now as they were upon initial release. And going through 10 years of videos means a high probability of missing something, but all these feel worthy for one reason or another.

These are best enjoyed via the YouTube playlist — which omits two Jay Z videos that don't seem to officially be on the platform — but also read on for the list.

Happy New Year. Happy New Decade.

Best Music Videos of 2019

My favorite video of the year isn't really a video, at least in the current sense of the format: It's for multiple songs and only available on Netflix: Thom Yorke "ANIMA," directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, and it's beautiful and powerful and a must watch. And another non-traditional favorite is Melanie Martinez "K-12," which is a film in the form of an album suite of music videos directed by Martinez herself (with co-director Alissa Torvinon) and is an impressive example of distinctive world-building for an equally distinctive artist.

In the more traditional lane, here's 25 videos from 2019 from all genres and styles to help celebrate a shortlist of the best and biggest videos of the year.

Best Videos of 2019