Alicia Keys & Maleah Joi Moon "Kaleidoscope" (Kajal, dir.)

This music video tie-in to Alicia Keys' Broadway musical Hell's Kitchen features the icon celebrating NYC vibes alongside the show's star Maleah Joi Moon.

Kajal, director: "Alicia and I wanted this to feel colorful, layered, and bright, just like a kaleidoscope. Having the ability to direct this in the apartment complex she grew up in made the story that much more genuine and intentional. I got to create with Alicia Keys, Maleah Moon, and the cast and crew in a way that felt playful - like we were all long-time homies just coming together for a good time. You could feel that sense of community all around. This was a love letter to Hell’s Kitchen and every single person involved had their hand in writing it."

2024 UK Music Video Awards Announced

A date has been announced for the annual UK Music Video Awards, to be held Thursday, October 24th in London.

A call for entries is now open through August 1st, with submissions and information at their official website,

Award categories are as follows:

  • Best Pop Video – UK, in association with Cinelab Film & Digital Best R&B / Soul Video – UK
  • Best Dance / Electronic Video – UK
  • Best Rock Video – UK
  • ​Best Alternative Video – UK
  • Best Hip Hop / Grime / Rap Video – UK Best Pop Video – International
  • Best R&B / Soul Video – International
  • Best Dance / Electronic Video – International Best Rock Video – International
  • Best Alternative Video – International
  • Best Hip Hop / Grime / Rap Video – International Best Pop / R&B / Soul Video – Newcomer
  • Best Dance / Electronic Video – Newcomer
  • Best Rock / Alternative Video – Newcomer
  • Best Hip Hop / Grime / Rap Video – Newcomer
  • Best Live Video
  • Best Special Visual Project
  • Best Performance in a Video
  • Best Production Design in a Video
  • Best Styling in a Video
  • Best Choreography in a Video
  • Best Cinematography in a Video
  • Best Cinematography in a Video – Newcomer
  • Best Colour Grading in a Video, in association with Studio RM Best Colour Grading in a Video – Newcomer
  • Best Editing in a Video
  • Best Editing in a Video – Newcomer
  • Best Visual Eects in a Video
  • Best Animation in a Video
  • Best Creative Commissioner
  • Best Agent
  • Best New Director
  • Best Director, in association with Electric Theatre Collective Best Producer, in association with WPA
  • Best Executive Producer
  • Best Production Company, in association with Kodak