Sunnan "My Love For You" (Nicolina Knapp, dir.)

Nicolina Knapp writes and directs, ‘My Love For You’, a depiction of grieving deep-blood love. Brotherhood. A visual journey of loss and sorrow, and how we one day reconnect with what we try to suppress. Filmed on Fårö island in Sweden, synonymous with the work of Ingmar Bergman and shot by cinematographer Arvid Kornstrand.

By CANADA - on April 22, 2024 @ 2:43am PDT

No Floor "Keep Time" (Dan Fromhart, dir.)

We shot this video on 16mm kodak film on an unseasonably cold Seattle day (18 degrees). Our location at the Georgetown Steam Plant naturally became its own character in the video. The concrete building, built in 1906 housed secret shows in the 80s and 90s, most famously for Big Black, Steve Albini's band (engineer/producer of The Pixies, The Jesus Lizard, Cheap Trick, Nirvana and The Stooges).

Tyler Goldchain "All On My Own" (Coral Ortiz, dir.)

In an evocative throwback to the era when music videos were not just promotional tools but artful narratives, Tyler GoldChain's debut single "All On My Own" is a poignant homage to personal transformation and intimacy. Captured through a lens that feels both intimate and abstract, the video is a soul-stirring tableau of a man having his hair cut by his lover—a significant act, considering the artist's four-year journey of growth before deciding to let go for this momentous occasion.

Matracia "Favorite Ghost" (Tyler Jensen, dir.)

Queer singer-songwriter Matracia announces “Favorite Ghost,” a haunting new single and cinematic music video inspired by classic cult-horror films. The self-produced track marks a significant step forward for Matracia, who recorded and mixed the song independently in his Brooklyn-based studio. The song and video are deeply intimate, delving into the fear of unveiling one's deepest traumas to others.

Thrills & The Chase "A Special Place in Hell" (Roberta Fabruzzi, dir.)

Music video for the song "A Special Place in Hell" from Brazilian rock act Thrills & The Chase, featuring a modern dance performance by Carol Esposito.

The video brings a reflection on modern-world-induced neurosis, featuring surrealistic elements inspired by René Magritte in different scenarios, mixing the real world and the dream world.