Claire George "Northern Lights" (Brian Charles Lehrer, dir.)

Artist's statement : 

I wrote “Northern Lights” about someone I loved and lost to opioid addiction. I wanted to eternalize the memories we shared before they became distant or distorted, as they do when you retell or revisit them. After they passed, they appeared regularly in my dreams. Waking up I would relive the loss and beg for an alternate reality.

Cool Company "Halos" (Waley Wang, dir.)

Cool Company narrates the story of a romantic couple's wedding day being struck with an apocalypse, told in a collection of intricate zoom shots in surreal sets, trapped on a VHS tape. Inspired by fashion, 70's & 80's horror films, Peter Greenaway, and French Cinèma du look. It's a deconstructed melodrama about love and memories persisting even when everything goes catastrophically wrong.

WONDER "Hotel" (ARDMAX, dir.)

The aim was for each image to represent an art piece that you would see in a gallery / exhibition. Creating a nonchalant mood while giving life to the artistic space around him. We placed the artist in interesting spaces within the house and let the camera movements / angles do the work. The goal was to make each frame a picturesque, moving image with careful lighting and placements. We were inspired by Wes Anderson / Roger Deakins films, mixed in with Travis Scott music videos.