@Videostatic Jai Wolf f/ Chelsea Jade "Lost" (Drew Kirsch, dir.) https://t.co/q2n2aGHylM 1 day 9 hours ago


Pink $ock "Futon Baby" (Martin Karlsson, dir.)

Credit List:

Production Director – Martin Karlsson Producer – Alex Bader DoP – Thomas Taugher Associate Producer – Daniel Beldy 1st AD – Rhiannon Price Script Supervisor – Melody Karlsson Production Assistants – Sean Tomek / Daniel Larios / Cesar Saldana HMU/Props/Wardrobe – Sumer Zuberi Drone Photography – Andre Slaughter Baby Wrangler – Chris Lewis Set Photographer – Diane Valera

The Crawling "Wolves and the Hideous White" (Kerri Clarke, dir.)

The song is sad tale about a man who lives with a family that despise him. His children are wolves, that eat away at his soul, and his bride is the hideous white, who systematically destroys all the parts that once made him who he was. It's a reflection of the world we live in. Humans are animals, and are constantly seeking their perfect "mate," but in reality we settle for anything to meet the norm and gain acceptance, even if we sacrifice self in the process.

Mosquito Coast "Skipping Girl" (Stanton Cornish-Ward, dir.)

To accompany their new single ‘Skipping Girl’, Perth dream-pop duo Mosquito Coast teamed up with Melbourne’s queens of experimental film, HIBALL for their striking new music video.

In contrast to Skipping Girl’s sweet harmonies, lush synths and swirling guitar – the video’s eerie undertones and highly-stylized aesthetic brings the song to life in a whole new light.