Lorn "Timesink" (Pavel Brenner, dir.)


Timesink is set in a world where humanity has been wiped out by a widespread disease. In sharp contrast with this catastrophic situation, our protagonist acts like a regular kid. The boy treats this post-pandemic world like a giant playground. At first, the story unfolds from his perspective, showing us that the exceptional quality of his surroundings is commonplace to him.

Monteagle "Tan" (Daniel Henry, dir.)

TAN is a musical meditation on the balance of darkness, light, past and future. Using Monteagle’s expressive song ‘TAN’ as the narrator, I wanted to explore eerie and evocative images that almost seemed to bubble up from the unconscious while we intuitively traveled around the country. The new year seems to always come with a dark cloud and this past year, in particular, was filled with loss and heaviness that has stuck with me. It gives me comfort to know that the past and the future have more in common when you give them both proper attention.

Leftwing Kody "Without You" (James McLean, dir.)

2019 was a massive year for Leftwing : Kody. Last year they gained 13,000,000 streams from over 3,000,000 listeners, as well as entering Pete Tong's Essential Mix hall of fame to end an already incredible year. Their single 'I Feel It' has cemented their place firmly within Toolroom. The single went onto achieve A-List support on BBC Radio 1 and we welcomed remixes from Special Request and Boston Bun. From Miami to London, from club to radio, this tune was huge. Fast forward to 2020 and the boys are back and what a return it is.