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SÓN "Mirrors" (Manfred Borsch, dir.)

SÓN s first release, “Rituals” was created over the course of 2016 and 2017 and combines organic electronica with driving rock elements. This work conceptually reflects an exploration of modern day rituals and their influence on mankind.

After SÓNs completion of Rituals, he passed along the concept onto five befriended directors, to visually explore this topic and gain different perspectives as a collective.

Taya "Skin" (Sashinski, dir.)

From the director: The track's called "Skin" and it has a really soulful melody. With that in mind I wanted to experiment with textures, materials and reflections, shooting through them and against them under dynamic lighting. Taya was a dream to work with, we framed her as an alluring yet isolated and pensive figure which worked nicely with the video's aesthetic.