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Amrei Baumgartl "Night Of The Isle" (Leopold Fuchs, dir.)

Artificial Sons - Night Of The Isle

As the low sun buries night of isle and the streets of nowhere lead my mind. I learned to love the answer of happiness, as your foreign son i feel alive! The night of the isle spawns the breath of live. sends out all the pulses and lets my own mind melt. As hungry as a hunter I'm high on your supply so let me in, so let me in, so let me in don't spit me out!

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
Nina Herzog, Art Director
Daniel Steiner, Gaffer
Sandra Skofitsch, Make-up Artist
Valentin Pritz, First Assistant Camera
Amrei Baumgartl, Artist
Robert Zaghloul, Artist

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