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Lullabies and Legos: The Cure "Lullaby" (Tim Pope, dir.)

The Cure - Lullaby

The Cure "Lullaby" wasn't the moment when US pop went goth — that honor would go to fellow Disnitegration single "Lovesong" — but came damn close, which is pretty amazing when you consider the song doesn't even have a chorus.

It's stuck in my head this week thanks to the genius of video director Tim Pope, who directed "Lullaby"  and another 36 or so Cure clips (he's not entirely sure; honestly).

Tim saw a LEGO recreation of his appropriately creepy "Lullaby" video and decided to contribute a blog post about it on the website Dangerous Minds that delves into his memory of that clip and other Cure memories. For example, did you know that "Lovesong" was set in a cave of penises? "Inbetween Days" was shot with a customized shopping cart cam? Or that the spider devouring singer Robert Smith's head looks like a part of the female anatomy and left behind "glue" that yanked out half his hair when removed?

And all those memories came pouring out thanks to him seeing his videos remade through LEGOs:

Tim Pope: "These videos are all part of my misspent youth—the equivalence of the “naughty things” others got up to behind bicycle sheds. Mine just happened to be a little more, erm, public. I am used to seeing piss-takes, versions, ripoffs, of my work with The Cure, but I was particularly taken with the intriguing version of “Lullaby” in, wait for it, Lego.

Yes, like most people, I have built many a building or airplane from this iconic stuff, but never a video. "

Visit Dangerous Minds for the full post. It's awesome. And check the LEGO verion below.



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