Almost Home

Moby's Lyric Video for Animals

Most lyric videos are merely cheap and self-serving placeholders until the real clip arrives. This lyric video is certainly cheap — "roughly $0" according to Moby — but it serves a greater purpose than most: Every animal featured in it is up for adoption via Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles.

So, even if you don't use this to learn the lyrics, at least you can learn about a few of the thousand animals that could use a home.

Mariah Carey "Almost Home" (David LaChapelle, dir.)

Mariah Carey - Almost Home

Remember the days when every big Hollywood movie had a soundtrack and accompanying music videos? Mariah Carey and David LaChapelle sure do and this clip has all the classic hallmarks of the field — a gorgeously lit vocal performance, plenty of film footage and a sweeping crescendo. Mariah's performance is simple, which certainly works with a performer like her, but I couldn't help but hope for an Oz-like transformation from black and white into color for the big finish.