Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" (Colin Tilley, dir.)

Is it the apex of female empowerment for Nicki Minaj to take a term Sir Mix-A-Lot used to refer to his manhood and coil it into a reference to her own powerful assets? Or, are we just looking at an excuse to watch booty shake like rattlesnake tails? 

Welcome to the insane territory of no-holds-barred postmodern music video, where you don't need to just stop at putting em on the glass; Now you can shatter that glass with ferocious ass-rattling power. In a set-up similar to Katy Perry "Roar" — think of "Anaconda" as the Hard R version — MInaj unleashes the booty and likely renders you speechless (or in the case of lap dance recipient, Drake, painfully immobile).

And, if you decided to get on the discussion of whether Taylor Swift was appropriating, or propogating sterotypes in her "Shake It Off" video, well, I look forward to your thoughts on this one.

In the meantime, I'll agree with my friend Ethan who notes that there could have been room for cameos by Jon Voight, J.Lo and Ice Cube... Or, at least Kari Wuhrer, right?

Watch Nicki Minaj Shake That "Anaconda" in Video Preview (Colin Tilley, dir.)

Can Nicki Minaj co-opt Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Anaconda" and make it a powerfully threatening nickname for her derriere? The answer, of course, is yes — especially saying no to Ms. Minaj is not something I'd recommend.

A sneak preview is currently on the loose via Instagram, and it looks a teensy bit like Katy Perry's "Roar" if it were just about empowering and unleashing your inner bootyliciousness.