Aurora "Animal" (Tim Mattia, dir.)

Norwegian songstress Aurora psychically and metaphorically breaks free from her cage, erupting into a passionate performance which finds herself in a vibrant club.

Mattia was very complimentary of Aurora, saying “it was great to be invited to go inside Aurora’s head for a little bit of time while we worked on this project together. It was a hugely collaborative experience, and I think that can be seen on screen, as our ideas and aesthetics melded together to create the video.”

MAJIK "Animal" (Andy Morgan, dir.)

'Animal' is a song about feeling broken and lost. This promo begins with Marcus from MAJIK at his most vulnerable and rejected. It then follows his journey back to safety, as he frees himself and then travels back across isolated desert landscapes, tracing lost memories.

Shot on location in Andalusia, Spain; showcasing the beautiful, desolate scenery, and eccentric Spanish winter weather.

Go Swim "Animal" (Darren Lee, dir.)

Woken up by noise next door, a sleepy young man is taken on a dream-like journey. Dragged along a derelict road, running through a fantasy forrest and emerging, exhausted from the ocean...

Official video for 'Animal' by Go Swim released 27th June 2014 produced and directed by Darren Lee...shot in 1 various locations close to Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Staring Jennifer Marshall, Dan Cullen and the members of Go Swim