Animating Within A Waterdrop Without CGI

Entropy - IdN Magazine v20n2

How much work is involved in capturing a single water drop? An insane amount, especially if you want to do it in slo-mo and have animation within the watedrop without any CGI.

That was Physalia's mission in this logo design for IdN Magazine: 

The final result of the piece you have seen has absolutely no CGI, and was shot in stopmotion so as to be able to project inside the waterdrop the logo formation, previously animated in 3D and then printed in paper and placed behind the water drop falling. There were 320 frames printed and replaced frame by frame in the animation, and over 2000 frames compose the final shot- this meaning that the drop you see is never the same, there are 2000 different drops in the piece. In order to be able to photograph each one in exactly the right place as to be able to see a fluid fall, we created an Arduino-based system in which, after having the drop cross a laser pointer, we would have the absolute precision of when to trigger the flashes and camera to see the drop in the right position. We worked very hard to synch this mechanism to our Motion Control system, and the final piece is the result of a 3-week testing process in which we shot about 45 splashing tests with over 20000 pictures taken, before we produced the final shot.

It's not a music video, but I could easily see this technique catching some interest with directors. Get more details at the Phsaliablog, or check the Making-Of Below:

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