Super Bowl of Music Videos?

Music videos and the people that make them were all over Sunday's Big Game (please don't sue us), which is nothing new. The most obvious choice from the Blackout Bowl of 2013 is probably our favorite K-Pop superstar getting directed by Motion Theory.

The Flaming Lips provided the cool dad soundtrack inspiration for the best day of biker baiting and Wayne Coyne hamster ball rolling evah!


Usually when music videos, commercials  and 'inspiration' are mentioned in the same sentence, it's because someone is upset about a music video borrowing the creativity of the more prestigious ad-makers. But the 'best' commercial from this year — or at least the most watched  — was for Taco Bell, clearly taking inspiration from the smash hit music video "We Are Young". Commercial director Noam Murro flipped the lyrics en Español and added in a Cocoon with tattoos twistm, but used the same slow-mo anthemic approach video. It's definitely not a shot-for-shot lift, but it is kind of nice for music videos to be on the other side of 'borrowing' discussion for once. Man bites dog and all that. Wait, does that make us dogs?


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