The Great Music Video Space Race Continues

Bieber and Branson are involved...

I realize astronauts had an unfair advantage in the Great Music Video Space Race, but life is full of those sad little facts.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield was first and enjoyed a nice viral smash with his cover of the well-chosen "Space Oddity."

That doesn't mean it can't be done better. It can. So, maybe fellow Canadian Justin Bieber can pull it off.

Intergalactic mogul Richard Branson tweeted that Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun are confirmed to head into starry skies aboard Virgin Galactic, perhaps to shoot a music video:

richardbranson:  [email protected] @scooterbraun @virgingalactic music video in space? Now that's what I call music! 

Since it's reportedly around $250k per person for a space flight, this could be a very expensive video (alto methinks Virgin gets, or has gotten, more than that in free publicity).

And I presume the Virgin spacecrafts are much less roomy than what Commander Hadfield had to float around in. So, if the goal is truly "next level," I think they need to concentrate on shooting the first video on the Moon. Maybe NASA can help.

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