Stereogum's Top 25 Videos Of 2013 (So Far)

Indie and alternative site Stereogum just unveiled a list of their Top 25 Videos Of 2013 So Far, which rightfully skews toward indie/alt although there's some pop and hip-hop as well.

I think I've given my opinion on lists here below, but just in case: If it gets you to watch one video you hadn't seen before and than you dig, then it is a good list. If it makes you think about what's good and not good (also known as bad), then it is a good list.

Also, the only thing more popular than lists are music videos with nudity. Combine them both and you're on Internet Easy Street (see #Thicke, Robin).

Check the Stereogum Top 25 Videos of 2013 (So Far)...

Most will be familiar to you if you read Videostatic, but there's some good stuff here that will be new to you. And overall it's a diverse list and a good representation of what's been out there... Even if I'm not sure how many of these would make my list...

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