London Grammar "Night Call" (Andre Chocron, dir.)

London Grammar - Nightcall (Official Video)

London Grammar's Night Call is a cover of the classic song by French Electro House outfit Kavinsky. Originally used as the title track for the 2010 remake of DRIVE starring the beloved Ryan Gosling (who is now expecting a child with Eva Mendezes, but that who cares!)

If you don't know - London Grammar are the latest electro pop group hailing from Nottingham with roots deep in the earlier works of Nelly Hooper, Massive Attack, Portishead and the whole trip-hop genre which came and went like tamagochi's of the same era!

Co-Produced between Friend Productions and Phink TV, the music video production is an erie single take (as it appears) of a late night campsite which descends into fire. Shot by Friend over one night in a field somewhere in Essex, the footage was handed to Phink for compositing and post production effects. Though the video looks like one continous senquence, it is actually built up of 8 plates (or shots) that have then been composited together by creating a 3d environment of the field through merging the footage and creating camera moves. Another major part of the post-production was the buring caravan which was completely rendered in with smoke, flairs and whistles to boot. We did this by running the original shot of the caravan empty in reverse and the almighty power of Nuke adding for the full glitz and glammer!

Eitherway a lot of hours went into the video and we're never sure if the viewer realises it? But no matter, its always worth creating art that will hopefully be around longer than we will!