"Scream" Gets Named Most Expensive Video Ever; Director Mark Romanek Disagrees

Here's the problem with almost any "Most Expensive Music Videos Ever Made" list: It's all a guessing game unless you were the one signing or receiving the check.

This new Forbes list is all Michael Jackson and Madonna — they're not falling for any tall tales like Business Week did about Britney Spears' "Work Bitch" costing $6.5 million, which is crazy bitch — in almost the same order that Vh1 had for their "They Spent How Much??" recap last year.

The numbers, when adjusted for inflation in 2013 dollars, range from a paltry $6.9 million for Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" to $10.7 million for his "Scream" collaboration with Janet Jackson.

Are these numbers close? Who knows. Except maybe Mark Romanek, who directed two of these videos — including the apparently apocryphal #1 Most Expensive Video Ever Made:


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