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Kode Media signs new UK and US Directors for Music Videos

Kode Media signs new UK and US Directors for Music Videos 

Kode Media is excited to announce the signing of five new directors, from London, New York and Los Angeles, which will bolster their strong Directorial roster of 10.

Kode is thrilled to welcome UK Directors LJ Scott & Jack Anthony Bowden.  Scott is known for her unique style and experience with labels and brands worldwide. After working with the likes of The Feeling & Vogue Italia, her approach differs in content by always offering an innovative approach.

“Jack Bowden is someone who we have been following for a while now and who has achieved so much thus far,” says Kode Media Managing Director Alex Harman of the new UK Director.  “We are eager to begin our endeavour and see what we can accomplish together.”

Having worked with Xenomania on several occasions this year, Bowden has become immersed in music video industry and is set to take on more directorial challenges in the coming months.

In conjunction with the opening of our New York office, we are delighted to reveal our new US directors. Firstly, Chris Cannucciari, a Peabody award-winning director and alum of the popular Onion and Vice Media, Cannucciari has always been working on the edge of the new media frontier.

Furthermore, we welcome Directorial duo BBGUN consisting of Maxim Bohichik and Alex Bergman. BBGUN boast an impressive portfolio of music videos for artists such as The Roots, Enrique Iglesias and Swedish House Mafia.

Our final Director to be revealed is LA based Claire Marie Vogel. Vogel started her career with Warner Bros. background and has created work for best selling artists such as The Red Hot Chilli Pepper, My Chemical Romance, The Flaming Lips and The Black Keys.

“We are very excited about our new US team,” says Thomas Byrd, the Managing Director of Kode’s NY office.  “The creativity and passion that these Directors bring to the company will be a new chapter for Kode Media, and we look forward to replicating our success in the UK here.  Their individual styles complement each other quite nicely, and this diversity in talent is our strongest asset.”

Kode Media believes these five UK and US Directors each add their own set of unique skills and expert style. All Directors will be available to take on projects anywhere in the world, reinforcing Kode’s position as a forward-thinking, international media company.

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