Jackass Director Jeff Tremaine's Bud Light Commercial Will Likely Be Better Than The Super Bowl

Ian Up For Whatever Film-- 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial - Extended Scenes | Bud Light

Are you ready for some football commercials?

In a sign that the on-demand revolution has started to even dismantle the "everyone watch it all at once" event that is the Super Bowl, the commercials have already started to make their way online.

One picking up serious buzz is an epic Bud Light spot with Ian Rappaport, a normal guy on hidden camera offered a  Bud Light by a beautiful woman, but only if he's up for whatever comes next.

Obviously he is, and thus begins an adventure that includes Reggie Watts, a llama, Minka Kelly, a OneDirection concert and a ping-pong battle with The Terminator himself.

It's all executed flawlessly by Jackass and Bad Grand director Jeff Tremaine, who also shares some set-up secrets in this Making-Of featurette.

And between this spot and his upcoming big-screen version of Motley Crue's book The Dirt, Tremaine seems like somebody ripe to be plucked into the music video world (though, it's doubtful he'd have time for another year or two)...

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