Director Alon Isocianu on Heaven's Basement "Nothing Left To Lose"

If the old saying is "rock 'n' roll will never die," then maybe it also applies to UK revivalists Heavens's Basement. Even when they're sitting ducks in a high-stakes shooting gallery — bound, blindfolded and ready to die execution style — they manage to evade all the bullets and get saved for another day. Long live rock, indeed. 


Alon Isocianu, director: We shot in the L.A. area — Lancaster, to be exact —  back in late July.  I wanted a post-apocalyptic sort of vibe and we ended up shooting in a place that used to be a military base and then later got sold and converted into a place called "Kids Place" — which was, from what I understand, a sort of playground for orphans. Since then it got abandoned and taken over by new owners, who rent it for all sorts of film shoots.  It has so many remnants of both the military base and the kids playground that it's kind of twisted. You can see a lot of it in the video, the decrepit looking housing, the abandoned pool, the swing set, etc."


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VisionLaure ScottHeavens Basement "Nothing Left to Lose" (Red Bull)
Alon Isocianu, director | Vision Ent, production co | Yon Thomas, DP | Laure Scott, rep | Geoff McLean, exec. producer | Jill Kaplan, commissioner