NEW RELEASE: 30 Seconds To Mars "The Kill"

Here's Jared Thirty Seconds To Mars
"The Kill" (Virgin)

Bartholomew Cubbins, director | Douglas Friedman & Alexander Moon , producers | A Common Thread, production co | Lenny Mesina, editor | Description: Jared Leto and his 30 Seconds To Mars bandmates check into an eerily deserted Art Deco hotel for this video homage to Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece The Shining. The solitude results in each band member confronting some aspect of their personality — a plot device that is surely most frightening when one of the guys sees himself getting a blowjob from a giant teddy bear man. Everything culminates with a ballroom dance performance that seems most inspired by director Marc Webb's work with My Chemical Romance. The director name of "Bartholomew Cubbins," by the way, is nicked from the work of Dr. Seuss. -- watch or download "The Kill"



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