NEW RELEASE: Adele "Chasing Pavements"

AdeleAdeleAdeleRemember the glorious triumph of man over machine in the iconic car collision that serves as the crescendo of director Jonathan Glazer's glorious UNKLE video "Rabbit In Your Headlights?" How about the car crash fetishism displayed in David Cronenberg's 1996 creep classic Crash? Dare you view about this site of collision money shots? Whether it's normal or not, people seem to be drawn to the destructive power of the car crash, be they NASCAR fans, crash testers or those who may see something a bit more perverse or artistic. Director Mathew Cullen of Motion Theory imagines a whimsical, beautiful outcome in the tragic wreckage of a car crash in this video for UK newcomer Adele.  The singer and her significant other are clearly on the outs and caught in a traffic jam due to a crash that's left a man and woman strewn across the sidewalk. These victims may be dead or disabled, but not in the fantasy world of this video which depicts the couple in a kind of beautiful, surreal dance. The perspective trick — there's no vfx on the choreography bits, by the way, it was done in camera — adds to the strangeness and morbidity of being asked to see the beauty and the love of something so awful. Whether or not Adele and her man are able to salvage something from their clearly crashing relationship is left to your imagination, but a happy ending looks about as unlikely as dead men dancing. --> watch "Chasing Pavements" at or YouTube

Adele "Chasing Pavements" (XL)
Mathew Cullen, director | Anna Joseph, producer | Motion Theory, production co | Eric Schmidt, DP | Lenny Messina, editor