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NEW RELEASE: Annie "Chewing Gum"

Annie Annie "Chewing Gum" Big Beat/Atlantic
Barnaby Roper, director
Mark Houdini Murrell, producer
Flynn Productions, production co
Description: Scandinavian singer Annie seemed poised to conquer the United States with the stateside release of her 2004 album Anniemal. After all, she's a shamelessly poppy blonde bombshell who is still able to maintain her cred. After starting the U.S.  Anniemal campaign with a different single/video, Annie gets another shot here with the release of the smash that made her a star all across Europe. It's not hard to see why "Chewing Gum" enraptured listeners with its clever lyrics, candy sweet hook and electro beat. The video more than doubles the pleasure, if you will. Duplicates of the singer deliver the vocals to each other to mimic the lyric's structural device that is essentially a conversation with herself, while an ever increasing number of Annie multiples perform synchronized dance moves on a stage. -- Watch "Chewing Gum" in Windows Media

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