NEW RELEASE: Bjork "Declare Independence"

Bjork Bjork gets all Betsy Ross and shit on us by weaving a flag in this latest video collaboration with director Michel Gondry. Although the concept is fairly simple, the means of production is pretty darn complex. An enormous futuristic loom is propelled by music and energy, starting from a bassist who plays what looks like a giant hammock and on through Bjork's megaphone, a crowd of loyal puppet soldiers and eventually a painting station. It's all kind of lo-fi and punk rock and vaguely political. But mostly it's weird. --> watch "Declare Independence" via an AOL Spinner premiere plus a Making Of


Bjork "Declare Independece" (One Little Indian)
Michel Gondry, director | Raffi Adlan, producer | Partizan, production co | Ellen Kuras, DP