NEW RELEASE: The Format "Dog Problems"

Format The spirit of Senor Wences lives on in this video for "Dog Problems" by The Format. Simple hand puppets — essentially hands au naturel with maybe one or two props — perform the vocals and bop along to the tune. The video — which is actually inspired by the hand puppet television show Oobi — begins with the hands making simple shadows on the wall, but the set-ups get increasingly intricate and clever as things progress out into the real world and onto various parodies — the highlight of which, for me at least, being a spoof of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." --> watch "Dog Problems"

The Format "Dog Problems"  (The Vanity Label/Nettwerk)
Geoff Oki, director | Joe Montalbano, producer | Nylon Motion, production co | RW Media, rep | Nick Jeong, DP



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