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NEW RELEASE: OK Go "Here It Goes Again"

"Here It Goes Again" (Capitol)

Description: If this rock 'n' roll thing doesn't work out for the guys of OK Go, they could enjoy potentially lucrative careers as dancers, or marketing executives, or insane fitness instructors, or mimes. OK, the mime work probably doesn't pay well. But, this homemade viral video for "Here It Goes Again" is ridiculously impressive, surpassing the routine from their similarly silly dance  video for "A Million Ways." This time they incorporate several treadmills and many dangerous, elaborate moves that make you wonder how many hours went into perfecting it. As an added bonus, the video coincides with a contest which challenges you (yes, you) to create your own dance for their last single, "A Million Ways." And if you're a real completist, you can read this article on the new video from the L.A. Times, or listen to an NPR story that features singer/guitarist Damian Kulash and his sister/choreographer Trish Sie on the old video. -- watch "Here It Goes Again" (YouTube link)


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