NEW RELEASE: R. Kelly & Usher "Same Girl"

Rkelly_sameg "Trapped in the Closet" proved R. Kelly can definitely tell a story. So much so, that he gets a writing credit on his latest clip with a twist ending will have M. Night Shyamalan spinning in his... Well, not really. You will no doubt see the "surprise" coming a mile away, but it's almost charming to see Kells and Usher go through all that trouble just because they may be paddling the same canoe. (You know R. Kelly doesn't like the freaky stuff!) The story is satisfying fun, however, and Little X gets larger than life coverage of the twin superstars. Overall, it works great, even if some player haters out there get the feeling that Usher and Kells are just doing this to preserve their firemen's pensions. (review by Doug Stern) --> watch "Same Girl" via MTV Video Premiere

R. Kelly and Usher "Same Girl" (Jive/ZLG)
Little X, director | Ron Mohrhoff, producer | HSI , production co | Keitel Dietrichson, DP | Kat Brown, editor