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NEW RELEASE: Snoop Dogg "Boss' Life"

Snoop The Boss Murder isn't always the case for Snoop Dogg. The rapper was mired in legal troubles over a decade ago which begat an epic video about his fictionalized death. Now that things are running a bit more smoothly for the D-O-Double-G, he can afford to sit back and enjoy life. In "Boss' Life," this means grabbing a cigar, admiring his ladies, and joining his alter egos for a feast of fried chicken and absinthe. Judging by the Snoops across the table, you can see that the real Snoop persona is part blunt-rolling street thug, part gothic pimp, and part Steelers fan. The real Nate Dogg? Debonair, as always. (review by Kevin Holy) --> watch "Boss' Life"

Snoop Dogg feat. Nate Dogg "Boss' Life" (Geffen)
Anthony Mandler, director | Kim Bradshaw, producer | Box Fresh, production co | Ketil Dietrichson, DP | Jeff Selis, editor

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