WATCH IT: Alicia Keys "Doesn't Mean Anything"

Alicia Keys Alicia Keys is lonely at the top. There she is, sequestered in a window-lined NYC glass tower,  playing a Plexiglass piano and surrounded by other objects that you can literally see right through. And all this transparency seems to have the same permanence as a puff of smoke, which is quickly proven to be true when each object suddenly goes poof, disappearing and wafting away. The scene changes to a desert where Ms. Keys is truly alone, and even scaling a nearby plateau doesn't bring her any close to anything. Like I said, I think she's lonely (which I hope wasn't exasperated when they did the desert green screen shots). --> watch "Doesn't Mean Anything"

Alicia Keys "Doesn't Mean Anything" (J Records)
P.R. Brown, director | Jil Hardin, producer | HELLO, production co | Ketil Dietrichson, DP | 20TwentyFX, vfx