WATCH IT: Bjork "Mutual Core" (Andrew Thomas Huang, dir.)

Andrew Thomas Huang for Bjor Biophiia Remix Album
Bjork has been one of the most important music video muses of all time, working with the best of the best: Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, Chris Cunningham and many others. Here she taps artist/director Andrew Thomas Huang to let his colorful and sculptural sand creatures from his award-winning short Solipsist erupt and take dazzling flight.  --> watch "Mutual Core"

LARK CREATIVE Bjork "Mutual Core"
Andrew Thomas Huang, director | Árni Björn Helgason, producer (Reykjavik) | LARK CREATIVE, rep | August Jakobsson, DP  (Reykjavik) | Laura Merians, DP (Los Angeles)  | Gus Olafsson, production designer  (Reykjavik) | Hugh Zeigler, production designer  (Los Angeles) | David Lyons, VFX executive producer