WATCH IT: David Choi "Missing Piece" (Ross Ching, dir.)

A lovestory on a jigsaw puzzle gets complicated when a gust of wind sends the pieces scattering, with one "Missing Piece" never to be found. Luckily, the artistic puzzle owner is able to sketch in what's missing so singer David Choi and his love interest can get together once again. (Also notable here is the lengthy postroll and intergration with Asian fashion site --> watch "Missing Piece" plus a making-of

David Choi "Missing  Piece" 
A Common ThreadRoss Ching, director | Don Le, producer | A Common Thread, production co | Nate Fu, DP | Ross Ching , David Adametz, editor/vfx |  J.P. McMahon, Tristan Drew, exec. producer

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