WATCH IT: Florence + The Machine "Lover To Lover" (Vincent Haycock, dir.)

In the past few years we've seen more and more "narrative" videos that are shot with a "you are there" documentary vibe, doing away with the old A/B structure interspersing performance around a story. "Lover To Lover" has performance, but it's done in a style that matches the new verite/dogma vibe: Florence Welch doesn't perform to camera; She remains in-character, singing in a way that feels real to this story  of a isintegrating relationship. And director Vincent Haycock never lets the story dictate the flow, smartly prioritizing the emotional heft as she moves from fiery rage to serene release. --> watch "Lover To Lover" (via Nowness premiere)

Vision Florence & the Machine
"Lover to Lover" (Universal Republic)

Vincent Haycock, director | Francesca Lentini, Geoff McLean, producer | Somesuch&Co, production co |Vision Film Co, production co (US) |  Steve Annis, DP |Jason Hougaard, production designer | Arnold Ramm, colorist |  Tim Nash, exec. producer