WATCH IT: Foster The People "Call It What You Want" (Ace Norton, dir.)

Director Ace Norton imagines Foster The People frontman Marc Foster as having too much free time and way too much money (even if neither is likely the case, yet, for the hit L.A. band). So they descend into madness in an opulent mansion, surrounded by women, gold-plated everything and lots of warning signs that will be familiar to anyone familiar with Howard Hughes or  Jack Torrance. --> watch "Call It What You Want"

Doomsday Ent Partizan Foster The People
"Call It What You Want" (Columbia)

Ace Norton, director | Partizan, production co | Doomsday, rep | Michael Rizzi, DP | Isaac Hagy, editor | Chelsea Olivere, production designer | Jeff Pantaleo, exec. producer | Saul Levitz, commissioner 

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