WATCH IT: Foster The People "Don't Stop" (Daniels, dir.)

Nothing is what it seems in this doublecross video for Foster The People except, yes, that is Precious behind the wheel. Gabourey Sidibe stars as the seemingly awful prospective driver, with Foster The People mainman Mark Foster as her nonplussed instructor and his bandmates as a pair of cops who take notice of the escalating mayhem. PS: Keep an eye (two eyes, actually) for a 3D version.--> watch "Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)"

PrettybirdDoomsday Ent Foster The People "Don't Stop" (Columbia)
Daniels, director | Jonathan Wang, producer | Prettybird, production co | Doomsday, rep | Larkin Seiple, DP | Daniels, editor | Jason Dumenigo, stunt coordinator |  Action Factory, stunts | Jesse Fleece, asst. director | Jason Kisvarday, prod. designer | DRS, 3D fx | Gina Taner @ DRS, producer |  Bob Johnston, 3D producer | Candice Quaknine, exec. producer | Saul Levitz, commissioner

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