WATCH IT: The Fray "Heartless"

Fray Heartless The great "Heartless" war escalates. You see, it goes like this:

  • The Fray cover Kanye West's "Heartless" on Radio One back in February [link]
  • The Fray record a proper studio version of "Heartless" and release it as a digital single via iTunes [link]
  • Kris Allen, American Idol contestant, performs The Fray's version of "Heartless" on the show. [link]
  • Kris Allen, now the American Idol winner, releases a proper studio version of "Heartless" for sale at iTunes [link]
  • The Fray releases a video — and a pretty damn cool video at that — for their version of "Heartless" [link]

Now, if these guys were gangsta, a cap woulda been popped in somebody's ass long ago. Alas, they're not. In fact, Allen and The Fray are apparently even collaborating. Don't sensitive soft-rockers know how to feud properly? Come on.

Anyway, The Fray should get a burst of attention of their "Heartless" version thanks to this newly released video. Director Hiro Murai presents the song from the viewpoint of a lovelorn schoolboy, whose doodles become animated with both band performance and a tale of a heart being broken. --> watch "Heartless"


The Fray "Heartless" (Epic)
Hiro Murai, director | Ross Girard, producer | Partizan, production co | Clay Jeter + Will Basanta, DP | Isaac Hagy, editor | Emilio Ramirez, art director | Titmouse, animation | Cal Aurand, comissioner



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