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WATCH IT: Grizzly Bear "Yet Again" (Emily Kai Bock, dir.)

A figureskater breaks through the ice and into a cathartic journey of self-discovery that culminates in her childhood bedroom. If you're a fan of skating metaphors in music — and really, who isn't? — you might find yourself making quick connections to "The Thin Ice" and "River," or even "Trapped Under Ice" if you're a metalhead. --> watch "Yet Again" and check out an interview with Emily Kai Bock at The Creators Project

Logo_vision2012 Grizzly Bear
"Yet Again" (Warp)

Emily Kai Bock, director/editor |Anna Junger, producer | Vision Film Co / Logan & Sons, production co | Evan Prosofsky, DP | Geoff McLean, exec. producer 

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