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WATCH IT: Lenny Kravitz "Stand" (Paul Hunter, dir.)

Lenny Kravitz enjoys a bit of a "Hey Ya" moment in this freewheeling video parody of a rigged '70s gameshow where he takes on multiple roles and generally cuts loose in a way that's as unexpected as the song itself. This director's cut takes a few dialogue breaks and reprises the song in a credits sequence that features some outtakes in the Cannonball Run Outtake format. --> watch "Stand"

Doomsday Ent Lenny Kravitz "Stand" (Roadrunner)
Paul Hunter, director | Rami Hachache, Ian Schwartz co-directors |  Jonathan Wang, producer | Prettybird, production co |  Doomsday, rep | Larkin Seiple, DP | Mark Snelgrove, production designer | Candice Ouaknine, exec. producer

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musicbiz101's picture
Wow, this is really a bad first video back for Lenny. Not only is the concept not original, but Lenny is not a star in this video at all. Paul Hunter should stick to directing on his own I guess...

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