WATCH IT: Pink "Try" (Floria Sigismondi, dir.)

Pink and her lover in a stunningly passionate and physically fierce choreographed dance that pings between sex and violence. --> watch "Try"

Floria Sigismondi, director | Dawn Rose, producer | Black Dog, production co | Chris Clavadetscher @ Black Dog Films; Jamie Rabineau @ Lark, reps | Paul Laufer, DP | Jarrett Fijal @ Bonch, editor | The Golden Boyz, choreographer | Coleen Haynes, exec. producer



theresav's picture
I think every relationship goes through rough spots. When he is balancing her on his shoulder, it means a time of support. Likewise when she was balancing him off the ground. Then they are at odds with each other, then in an intimate embrace. That is how I read the video dance moves to mean. And the song lyrics just mean, relationships need work.
Tags: Black Dog, RCA